60-acre estate, organically-farmed Rhone and Italian varieties suited to our Mediterranean climate create terroir-driven wines. Critically acclaimed 2022 Rosé and Whites released!

New Wine Releases

82% Grenache  18% Mourvedre

Over the years we have established Unti as California's Grand Crú Rosé.  Since 2015, winemaker Jason Valenti has taken our Rosé to a new level by selecting our most appropriate vineyard blocks and applying more precision to our winemaking. The result is a streak of our most successful rosés since 2018.  From the day it completed fermenting, our 2022 Rosé has been on point, showing all the attributes that make grenache and mourvèdre THE best grape varieties on the planet for rosé.

We are bottling mid-April and shipping immediately to make sure you get your wine safe and sound before summer. Give this wine a couple months to settle down post bottling. It will reward you, early and often.

975 cases produced

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100% Vermentino

Can I say it? I am a vermentino groupie. No white wine has captured my fancy more than vermentino since our travels to Cinque Terre in 2019-which is why I am very excited about our 2022 vintage.

Vermentino is one of THE most expressive grapes on the planet. Fragrant, floral, and exotically fruity aromas lead to bright, crisp, and in our case, a high acid white wine that needs no oak. Our nighttime cool temperatures here in Dry Creek Valley give us brighter acidity than most if not all Italian vermentino. If it results in a wine that is on the Loire valley side of vermentino, I’m okay with that.

Our 2022 has all the above qualities with added depth, due to our 20-year-old vines and our crop-thinning regimen. The wine was fermented in stainless and aged in concrete with no malolactic fermentation. 

It all adds up to a wine that you love more than our ability to supply, so this is your chance to secure your summer wine needs.

465 cases produced  

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100% Grenache Blanc

While Grenache Blanc is as close as we come to making an “un-oaked” chardonnay, it has soooooo much more personality. The 2022 is one of Jason’s favorites, so let’s hear his take on the wine:  

"Many grenache blanc based whites we have tasted from Châteauneuf-du-Pape can come across as riper and less defined than ours, though we share the same characteristically pithy phenolic structure. We have a similar deeper golden color that no doubt comes from the thicker skins and phenolics. The wine almost comes across as barrel fermented chardonnay visually, though we use only stainless steel and concrete tanks for fermentation and aging. What separates our 2022 Grenache Blanc is that the aromatics and flavors are a more vibrant white flower and green apple-which is distinctively Unti. In 2022, late August and early September heat enabled us to achieve the full aromatic flavor and phenolic ripeness grenache blanc is capable of here without sacrificing its hallmark acidity."

Grenache Blanc is our most full-bodied white, worthy of aging for a couple of years. It is our version of a deeper colored white wine that doesn’t taste like kombucha!

200 cases produced

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100% Fiano

Richly textured wine does not have to be fat and oaky. It also doesn’t have to be messed up with oxidized and bitter flavors from skin contact. It can just be compellingly fresh and full-bodied, which is exactly how I would describe our 2022 Fiano.

Fiano is consistently heralded as one of Italy’s best wines, as evidenced by the fact that it is one of the few white wines given a DOCG classification. Fiano has very distinct pear, honey and hazelnut aromas and flavors. Its thick skins add a dimension of weight, but the acidity keeps it fresh and lively. This is especially true in Dry Creek Valley, where we experience cooler evening temperatures than they do in Campania.

Jason and our vineyard crew have really homed in on when to harvest fiano; ripe enough to show classic fiano characteristics, but while the acidity is still solid. Jason’s winemaking approach is like all of our whites, fermented and aged in stainless steel or concrete with no malolactic fermentation.

The 2022 vintage is exactly how we draw it up for our Fiano. Unfortunately, we still have very little planted, so it will go quickly.

225 cases produced

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2022 Estate grown Olive Oil.

Estate grown Olio Di Oliva from our 150 + Tuscan varietals Leccino, Frantoio, & Pendolino. These are the same varietals grown in Segromigno Monte, home to the Unti family. These olives are hand-harvested by our family and vineyard crew, pressed to produce a fresh, spicy, extra virgin olive oil. 

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100% Barbera from 4 clones planted in 1998 and 2018. Barbera does exceptionally well here in Dry Creek Valley producing dark exotically fruity wines that have outstanding acidity. Our young vines include clone 84, which really brings depth to the wine. While this wine shows great now, it will drastically improve over the next 1 to 2 years.

550 cases produced

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100% Petite Sirah

Our first Petite Sirah since 2007 comes from 3/4-acre block located next to the Benchland Syrah grafted in 2011. This site is much better than when we were growing Petite Sirah on the winery parcel. As expected, our Petite Sirah is very dark and robust, yet it has incredible black and boysenberry fruit. It is much more polished than your average wine from this grape. The tannins should allow this wine to age easily for 10 years.

Only 96 cases produced

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