We now offer Next-Day-Air shipping for just $59 per case across the country ($35 for 6 bottles). This rate is a minimum of $120 less than traditional next-day-air rates and only a moderate increase over our regular ground shipping rates.  We'll pack your wine in an insulated shipping box with ice packs which regulates the temperature for 48 hours. A refridgerated truck picks up orders on Tuesday and Thursdays so your wine stays cool throughout transit, with deliveries on Wednesday and Friday mornings. It is the safest and most affordable way to ensure your wine arrives in perfect condition, so you can enjoy UNTI wine all summer long.

When placing an order online, simply choose the UPS Overnight option while checking out.  

In California, Oregon, and Washington, we will always ship your wine ground (at our normal rates) unless you specify otherwise. When heat is an issue, we will use our insulated boxes with ice packs.  

We believe it is best not to ship ground if temperatures are consistently above 80* for the majority of the route. If you wish to order now and have us ship your wine via ground in the fall and winter, we are happy to do so.

Please e-mail with any questions.