George Unti

George and his wife, Linda, farm 60 acres of grapes, and are co-owners of Unti Vineyards Winery. George was born in Fort Bragg, CA and spent his early years divided between Fort Bragg and Madera, CA where his parents were farmers. He graduated from Fort Bragg high school and San Jose State University. While in Fort Bragg he got his first job with Safeway with whom he spent a fulfilling 39 year career, culminating with his last 9 years as regional manager for Northern CA, Nevada, and Hawaii. George and Linda yearned to return to life on a farm and did so in 1990, and succumbed to the lure of a winery in 1997. Now they work 24/7, but for themselves.

Mick Unti

Mick Unti co-founded Unti Vineyards Winery with George and Linda Unti, in 1997. Mick manages the day to day operations of the winery including winemaking, sales and marketing. Mick was born in San Jose, Ca. He finished high school and went to college in the Seattle area at University of Washington. Mick realized early in life the importance of taking the easy way out. He eschewed pursuing a career in the subjects of his degree (Broadcast Communications and Political Science) in favor of working in the wine business. He worked in retail for 8 years, then served as National Sales Manager for McDowell Valley Vineyards before taking a similar position with Jess Jackson's Artisans and Estates. In 1998, Mick left his cushy job at KJ to devote all of his time to the Unti Vineyards Winery.

Sebastien Pochan

The son of a French military doctor and an artist mother, Sebastien grew up in France and its exotic ex-colonies. A vague interest in biochemistry and alcoholic beverages (not in that order) led him to acquire an Enology degree from Montpellier University in the heart of the Languedoc. After a few harvests in Bandol, Languedoc and Sauternes, he arrived wide eyed and bushy tailed in Healdsburg in 1995 for an internship at Stonestreet winery that was supposed to last 3 months. 14 years later, he still hasn’t left town. During his 3 years as the winemaker at Christopher Creek winery, he met George Unti from whom he was buying zinfandel grapes and was very impressed by their 1999 Sangiovese. He was asked to join their team in 2001 and gladly accepted the challenge to make decent wine from great grapes. He has somehow survived 8 years in the somewhat hostile environment of a family owned and operated business and is asking for more.

Alex Hill

Alex has worked for the winery since fall 2008 and now handles direct sales to restaurant and retail accounts throughout California. A native of Healdsburg, Alex grew up in a family of grape-growers and wine makers however he really started getting into wine while working in restaurants and doing harvests abroad. Eventually he settled down and earned a degree in Wine Business from Sonoma State University. With a strong passion for the world of wine and an aversion to lifestyle marketing, Alex appreciates Unti’s no-nonsense approach and commitment to quality wine growing.