First Day of Crush 2015 and KEXP

    Hey , Tommy—What are we listening to? KEXP Isn't that the UDub station? Yes. Geez. I worked in those studios a million years ago, when nobody cared. Today we crushed our first grapes for 2015, Grenache for Rosé. A momentous occasion, first day. We always begin with a glass of Grower/Producer Champagne - 2009 Gastronome from Pierre Gimonnet today. is not just for breakfast. First crush day is both exciting and ominous. Seeing grapes come in never seizes to be fun. But in the back of my mind I'm realizing the summer is over. 2 months from now, when crush is finished and we have some time to think, it will be well into autumn. Until then we have some tough decisions to make about when we pick what vineyard blocks. Hoping we can make that decision on our terms, as opposed to Mother Nature telling us we have to pick, or else. Most important for now is determining the music we listen to when working on the crush pad. We have all taken our turns making various mixes, selecting Pandora stations that somehow mange to include sixteen versions of The Weight or Bruce's I'm on Fire. Tommy Pace, working his second crush here at Unti took the initiative this morning to play KEXP from the University of Washington in Seattle. In the early 1980's, when I was a Broadcast CMU student, I constantly fought with the program director of the UW student-run radio station (KCMU back then).  He wanted the station to feature popular rock with a set playlist. This was my first encounter with Pat Benatar, ugh. I thought college public radio should feature all kinds of music, and other community programming. From Billie Holiday to The Clash to Jerry Jeff Walker. Thirty-some-odd years later, KEXP sort of represents what I wanted the station to be. It is musically all over the place. Perfect for Harvest! How about another glass of champagne?

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