Early Returns: It’s early!

For the second consecutive vintage, we are establishing new "earliest harvest dates" with several varieties. For those of you keeping score at home, here are the numbers: Vermentino and Grenache (for Rosé) - August 22 Sangiovese - August 31 Zinfandel - September 1 (earliest by about 3 weeks!) Ciliegiolo - September 2 Fiano - September 2 Grenache Blanc - September 5 Barbera - September 11 Grenache (for Red), Mourvedre and Montepulciano will undoubtedly join this list in the coming weeks. Obviously, the drought and a warm summer have accelerated ripening for almost all of our varieties. Combined with a lighter crop level means we are picking early, and often. Additionally, we are getting better at managing "pre-veraison water stress" with our vineyards. The current school of thought in high-quality viticulture says you want to stress vines immediately prior to veraison (when grapes go from green to black). This helps trigger the vines' focus to ripening fruit, versus growing leaves. The sooner vines engage in fruit-ripening mode, the easier it is to achieve ripe flavors with appropriate acid and tannin balance. We still have enough to learn about this and other qualitative aspects pertaining to farming high-quality grapes. However, 2014 so far is shaping up to be a great vintage;  we have excellent fruit flavors combined with solid acidity. Hope I didn't just jinx things. MJU

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  1. Doug Scott

    Where are your wines sold near Ann Arbor MI?

  2. Danae Blythe

    Hi Doug, thanks for emailing us, at this time it is best to order wine directly from us (online or by calling the tasting room 707-433-5590) we will ship as few as 2 bottles.

    Unti Vineyards

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